Top 10 Best Travel Alarm Clocks By Consumer Reports in 2020

While going on a long distance trip, time is more precious than any other things, including a peaceful sleep. However, because of daily habits, it might be difficult to change suddenly on a trip to wake up early. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a travel alarm clocks which are just responsible for waking both adults and children up in the early morning.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best travel alarm clocks for you. We will include detailed description of the products to help you gain an insight about them. Now, let’s see what they are.

List of 10 Best Travel Alarm Clocks By Consumer Reports in 2020:

#10. Plumeet Large LCD Travel Alarm Clocks 

#10. Plumeet Large LCD Alarm Clock

First of all, we have this travel alarm clock from Plumeet. There are 3 color options, including black, pink and white. It is a digital clock for kids with some very simple and easy settings to help you keep track of the time. The number is displayed largely on the screen, and it comes with the backlight in order for users to see it clearly.

It includes an 8-minute snooze time, which is responsible for waking you up in the early morning. The beeping will increase its speed in a few seconds if you continue to ignore the alarm. Moreover, it features a shock-proof silicone protection in the outer layer to offer the best protection.

#9. Sonic Alert Travel Alarm Clocks

#9. Sonic Alert Travel Alarm Clock

For this travel alarm clock from Sonic Alert, it also features 3 color designs, which are black, white and pink. It is a shaker clock which includes the alarm noise level of 90 dB. This is desirable when it comes to the wake up time. The alarm clock is operated on a battery, and it is small and lightweight enough for outdoor usage. The display screen is as large as 75 inches to show the number in a clear way for easy reading.

Moreover, there is a test button where you can get to test the sound, vibration and batteries. Last but not least, it is equipped with a snooze function to snooze every 4 minutes to make sure that you are fully awake.

#8. Westclox Travel Alarm Clocks

#8. Westclox Travel Alarm Clock

This travel alarm clock from Westclox is also highly recommended thanks to its portable folding design. It is foldable, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with an LCD display screen with the size of 0.5 inch to display the time and other alarm settings.

During the night time, there is also backlight to help you see the time clearly. Moreover, coming along with the alarm, there is also a snooze function to help you fully wake up in the morning. The battery features a button-style. In addition, for the folding part, it can be shut down to half of the size in order to be convenient for storage.

#7. AROMUSTIME Wooden Alarm Clocks

#7. AROMUSTIME Wooden Alarm Clock

If you prefer a special wooden design, you should consider this travel alarm clock from AROMUSTIME. There are 2 shapes and 2 colors for the design, which are nature and brown colors and triangle and round shapes. It features a retro design, which is ideal for all kinds of home decoration. The clock is crafted with solid wood, and it includes an extraordinary carving process.

However, with these amazing details, it still shows a clear dial face along with backlight to support the visual. The sweeping moment of this clock is quiet enough for a sleeping environment. Last but not least, the product is backed up by a 1-year warranty.

#6. USCCE Travel Alarm Clock with LED

#6. USCCE Travel Alarm Clock with LED

Here is another alarm clock from USCCE which works well for both home and travel usages. It leaves a small footprint anywhere thanks to its small and compact size. The time is displayed on an LED screen with white color to be easy to read no matter if it is day or night. It can display on both 12-hour or 24-hour basis according to your preferences.

There are 5 alarm sounds for choice, and the noise level is measured from 30 – 90 dB. The top button is designed for a snooze function which can wake you up easily. Moreover, there is a USB port included for you to charge your phone at night.

#5. KWANWA Small Digital Clock

#5. KWANWA Small Digital Clock

Another LED alarm clock is from KWANWA. It is powered by 2 pieces of AA alkaline batteries, which are able to support the clock for up to 10 months at the maximum. There is no need to plug in the clock. The time is shown on a 0.9-inch LED display screen, which enables you to see from distance clearly.

It also displays temperature, and you only have to flip the clock down in order to see this temperature display. There is also a low battery indicator to show you when it is the time to replace your old batteries with new ones. The quality of the clock is guaranteed with a 1-year warranty.

#4. Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock

#4. Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock

Peakeep also offers us one of the best travel alarm clocks on the market. It is responsible for not only time display but also temperature measurement. It is equipped with a large LCD screen to display the time and temperature clearly. The clock is capable of tracking indoor temperature and humidity in order to let you gain an insight about the indoor weather condition.

Moreover, it features a soft night light when it comes to the night time without hurting your eyes. The alarm comes with a gradually increasing speed to last for 90 seconds in order to get you up. There is also a snooze button for you to get another 8-minute nap.

#3. DreamSky Compact Digital Clock

#3. DreamSky Compact Digital Clock

Moving onto the next travel alarm clock from DreamSky, it is available at an affordable price. This clock comes with a plug in design which enables you to stay connected to power easily. It is supported by a 2-inch display screen along with LED digits to show the time clearly to the users. The brightness of the screen is also adjustable on a scale between 0 and 100.

Moreover, the alarm sound is fully customized with the noise level between 30 and 90dB. In order to turn off the alarm, you only have to press one button to get it fully silent. One more thing is that there is a USB charging port where you can get your phone ready for the next day.

#2. Marathon Classic Silent Alarm Clock

#2. Marathon Classic Silent Alarm Clock

This alarm clock from Marathon is also worth taking into consideration. It is equipped with silent sweep to make sure that you will never get distracted by the ticking sound. There is an automatic night light function which includes a soft glow to the time display in order for you to see clearly during dark nights.

In addition, there is a snooze button to let you take a short nap for a few more minutes. There is also an on/off button to fully turn it off without any further distraction. The clock is operated on 2 pieces of AA batteries, and they are included.

#1. Travelwey Travel Alarm Clock

#1. Travelwey Travel Alarm Clock

Last but not least, we have this travel alarm clock from Travelwey. This clock is very simple to operate since there are no sophisticated functions to make it complicated. It features a clear display with a backlight for display in 5 seconds.

It also includes both alarm and snooze function to make sure that you are awake on time while going on a long distance trip. For the operation, there is an on/off button which makes it easy for you to turn it off or make it inactive.

Buying Guides Of The Best Travel Alarm Clock:

Display screen: nowadays, most alarm clocks come with either LCD or LED display screen. Yet, the number should be large enough to be clearly seen even from distance. Moreover, during the night, it should include the backlight function to make the number visible.


when it comes to the alarm, there are two things to take note of: vibration and noise level. The ideal noise level is about 90dB which is used by most alarm clocks. On the other hand, for the vibration, it should increase its speed every few seconds to make sure that you cannot get any sleep any longer.

Snooze function:

the snooze function is there if you need additional napping time. The snooze timer is usually between 4 and 8 minutes, which is long enough for a nap and short enough to prevent you from being late.

Other function:

other functions of a good alarm clock may include temperature measurement and indoor humidity.


Although smartphones nowadays have the alarm clock function, the traditional alarm clock is still very helpful in both home and travel use. It is more effective in waking you up in the early morning to get ready for an amazing day later. So, choose from the list now to get yourself ready.

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