Top 6 Best Pencil Grips By Consumer Reports Of 2021

Pencil grips enhance your kid’s writing skills. They deliver a perfect grip and ensure that your child enjoys a better writing posture. High-quality pencil grips also boast safe materials. Therefore, they guarantee safety for the users. Most pencil grips boast a versatile construction. They are designed for left and right-handed people. Therefore, there’s no limitation at all. Additionally, these pencil grips also boast a universal fit that makes them ideal for use with pens, pencils and crayons.

Bestseller Pencil Grips On Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
The Pencil Grip Original Universal Ergonomic Writing Aid for Righties and Lefties, 6 Count, Assorted Colors (TPG-11106)
Benefits Adults & Children, Righties & Lefties; #1 Grip recommended by therapists to help kids write
$10.99 $9.99
SaleBestseller No. 3
The Classics 12-Pack Soft Foam Pencil Grips, Assorted Colors, 1.5-Inch Long (TPG-16412)
Soft and Comfortable; Easily Slides on a Standard Size Pencil; Includes 12 Grippers in Assorted Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow and Red
$4.56 $3.19
Bestseller No. 4
Mr. Pen- Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting, Pencil Grips, Pack of 10, Pencil Grip, Kids Pencils Grip, School Supplies, Grip Pencils for Kids, School Supplies for Kids, Pencil Holder for Kids, Pen Grip
The Package Includes: 10 Pencil Grips In 5 Different Colors, And 10 Pencil Grip Clips; Perfect Design Works For Right-Handed And Left-Handed Use
Bestseller No. 5
The Pencil Grip Mini Pencil Grips 50 Pack, Assorted Bright Colors (TPG-17550)
Compares to the Stetro Grip; High quality & comfortable; Designed for Righties & Lefties; Made by The Pencil Grip, Inc., the leader in ergonomic writing aids
Bestseller No. 6
The Pencil Grip 3-Step Training Kit with 3 Premium Ergonomic Pencil Grips, Crossover Grip, Pinch Grip, Pencil Grip (MXG-003)
3 Steps Achieve the Best Results; The Crossover Grip for Training; The Pinch Grip for Transitioning
Bestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
The Pencil Grip PGP-006 Premium Pencil Grip Assortment 6 Pack with Original Pencil Grip, Assorted Colors
Try 6 different Premium grips to find your absolute favorite; Squishy grips for maximum comfort and control
Bestseller No. 10

Key Features to Consider The Best Pencil Grip:

The size:

The size needs to be ideal for everyone. Therefore, pick the brands offering universal fit. That way, you will enjoy comfortable services.

The versatility:

How versatile are the pencil grips? Can a left-handed and a right-handed person use it? Those are questions to ask before buying.

The material:

Check the material. It determines the safety of your pencil grip. For instance, safe and non-toxic materials don’t affect your kids’ fingers. Also, settle for high-quality materials for unmatched durability.

List of 6 Best Pencil Grips Review in 2021:

#6 JARLINK 4 Pack Pencil Grips

#6 JARLINK 4 Pack Pencil Grips


This is an excellent pencil grip. It is designed for kids. Of course, this is the right product for correcting your pencil grip. It also ensures that your kid enjoys better handwriting rectification. It isn’t just designed for kids. The product is also ideal for adults with arthritis and other learning difficulties. The product also helps reduce writing fatigue. And yes, it also prevents fingers from getting out of shape or old.

The product is made using safe and eco-friendly ingredients. For that reason, it is safe and secure for different uses. The soft silicone material makes it safe and perfect. It is also non-toxic, so it doesn’t affect your kids. This product also boasts a simple construction. For that reason, it delivers an ergonomic use. It is ideal for left and right-handed people. It ensures that the pencil doesn’t slip off from your fingers. Another thing, this is a perfect product for use with different pens. It fits pens, crayons, pencils and many more. In short, this is a versatile product.

More Features:

  • This is a versatile product.
  • It contains four pieces per packet.

#5 The Pencil Grip JUMBO Aid for Righties and Lefties

#5 The Pencil Grip JUMBO Aid for Righties and Lefties

By: The Pencil Grip

This product delivers a snug fit. It is designed to provide snug fits for all people. Additionally, the pencil grips are made using high-quality, non-toxic and safe ingredients. It is designed for left and right-handed people. For that reason, there’s no limitation with this product. The product delivers 40% better grips compared to normal pencil grips. Of course, the product is also perfect for children and adults.

This is among the few pencil grips that offer unmatched support to the second knuckle. For that reason, you enjoy more convenient services. The pencil grips also secure your fingers and ensure that they don’t get worn out after writing for long.

More Features:

  • The pencil grips are recommended for those with arthritis.
  • It is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

#4 Mlife Pencil Grips – Children Pencil Holder Trainer, Ergonomic Training Pen Grip Tool for Kids (Set of 10PCS)

By: Mlife

This pack of excellent pencil grips delivers unmatched comfort and convenience for kids and adults. The product is designed for the left and right-handed. Of course, it is an ideal writing aid for posture correction. The product ensures that you enjoy safe and excellent services. Additionally, this is a perfect handwriting correction tool. It boasts a pleasant and pliable soft silicone construction for unmatched safety and convenience. The product is free of any toxic materials. Additionally, this is an absolutely safe product. There are five different color options making it ideal for different kids. Here are two grips for each color. can use with different pencils and pens. It is ideal for use with pencils, pens and crayons. The soft and squishy design delivers a comfortable grip and reduces muscle strain. Therefore, you enjoy a comfortable writing. The product is ideal for those suffering from arthritis as well.

More Features:

  • It delivers an accurate positioning for the fingers.
  • The product delivers a firm grip.

#3 The Classics 12-pack Gel Pencil Grips, Colors and Shapes

#3 The Classics 12-pack Gel Pencil Grips, Colors and Shapes

By: The Pencil grip

This is an amazing pencil grip pack. They are designed to deliver a comfortable grip for the users. Additionally, the excellent pencil grips boast a squishy and soft design for unmatched comfort. The bright colors are perfect for kids. They boast bright colors and excellent child-friendly designs. For that reason, these pencil grips ensure that your child achieves excellent writing postures.

The high-quality and safe materials make the product better. They also allow for customized experiences. To correct your child’s writing skills and posture; you need these pencil grips. They provide a better grip for fun and exciting writing experiences. And yes, the cool colors also make them ideal for all kids. The classic design and vibrant assortment shapes make these pencil grips ideal for your different needs.

More Features:

  • They are customizable.
  • The grips are perfect for left and right handed people.

#2 Pencil Grips – Children Pen Set Posture Correction Tool 

#2 Pencil Grips - Children Pen Set Posture Correction Tool 

By: Shikaman

This is one of the best packs of high-quality pencil grips. The product boasts a high-quality and non-toxic construction. For that reason, you enjoy safe and comfortable services. Additionally, the soft pencil grip ensures that your child enjoys more convenient services. Another thing, the product also relieves pressure on the fingers thus keeping them protected. Of course, the grips also offer excellent posture rectifications. For that reason, you will enjoy more convenient services.

It also works perfectly right and left handed people. The grips are designed to comfortably with work anyone without a glitch. Therefore, you enjoy good writing habits. The advanced hollow ventilation design makes this product even better. It is breathable and comfortable. The product also ensures that you enjoy better and non-slip services. And yes, the grips also boast a high-quality silicone material for utmost safety and durability.

More Features:

  • They are eco-friendly.
  • The product delivers a firm grip on the pencil.

#1 The Pencil Grip Original Universal Ergonomic

#1 The Pencil Grip Original Universal Ergonomic

By: The Pencil Grip

This is a high-quality pencil grip. The product boasts an ultra-quality construction making it safe and perfect for the users. Additionally, the pencil grip also boasts a non-toxic construction. For that reason, you enjoy more convenient services. They are also ideal for adults and kids. What’s more, these grips deliver a universal fit. Therefore, they are ideal for left and right handed people. Another thing, the pencil grips also work with pens and crayons. In short, they are versatile and perfect for all your different needs. The grips are also recommended for those with arthritis.

More Features:

  • They fit pencils, pens and crayons.
  • They deliver a safe grip.

Final Thoughts!

Pencil grips enhance your writing skills. They are also perfect for assisting your kid to achieve a perfect writing. Most of them boast a top-tier construction. They are, therefore, perfect for left and right handed people. These pencil grips are also designed for people with arthritis.They offer non-slip writing and also protect your fingers. High-grade pencil grips deliver efficient writing and reduce finger fatigue. They will offer excellent writing.

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