Top 10 Best Gopro Accessories Kits By Consumer Reports in 2020

Have you ever wondered why you own the same gopro camera, but your photo does not come out the same as those you view on the internet? With just the camera alone, you cannot use it to the full function, in order to get the most out of it, the GoPro accessories kits will come in handy for you in taking perfect photos or videos.

The accessories will allow you to take pictures and video in various settings which add more thrill to your photo shooting experience. In this article, we will walk you through the top 10 best GoPro accessories kits which are especially oriented for vloggers or social media influencers so get your note ready before we begin.

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List of Best Gopro Accessories Kits Review in 2020:

#10. MOUNT-DOG Action Gopro Accessories Kit#10. MOUNTDOG Action Gopro Accessories Kit


Mountdog action is a portable gopro accessory that you can bring anywhere with you as it has a spacious carrying case where you fit both your camera and all the accessories in one package. Inside the package, you will see a camera case that has the job to secure and protect your camera from incidental damages when you put it in the carry-on. Get ready for action shooting as the kit also comes with different kinds of straps such as wrist strap, forehead strap which give you the freedom to rotate and adjust the angles easily and freely.

On top of that, you do not have to worry when attaching your camera to smooth surfaces as the suction cup mount will secure your camera perfectly still no matter how stubborn the obstacles are. With the suction cup, you can attach the camera with different surfaces ranging from surfboards, ceramic surfaces or glass surfaces. The kit is compatible with various GoPro models as well as JSCAM.

#9. Luxebell Gopro Accessories Kit

#9. Luxebell Gopro Accessories Kit

Get your GoPro ready for action shooting with this accessories kit from Luxebell. The special feature about this kit is it has plenty of straps for you to choose from. For sporting activities such as skiing or cycling, you can use the chest strap as it gives you the best position for capturing stunning video and photos. Another option you can also use the head strap as it is more directional and very comfortable to use as it is super lightweight. It also has a wrist strap that allows you to take photo or video hands free while surfing or cycling.

Even more interesting, it comes with a yellow floating handle where you can use a mount adapter to keep your camera floating on the water surface. The kit also includes a selfie stick which is very helpful for solo travelers. Lastly, it also has a suction cup to make it suitable for attaching on smooth surfaces.

#8. Kupton Gopro Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 

#8. Kupton Gopro Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 8

Kupton is another great GoPro accessory that you should have on your list. This one was specifically designed to be compatible with GoPro 8. Inside the kit, you can find a camera case with secure buckle and the waterproof seal attached to its lanyard for handy-wear or easy attachment to the gear. With that, the case guarantees to provide absolute protection from damages or small scratches during extreme action shooting.

Aside from its durable camera case, this kit has a shockproof carrying bag with silicone sleeve and high-quality foam slot padding where you can neatly organize your camera and its accessories for both security and convenience during travel.

The kit includes two screen protectors that not only have the function to shield your camera’s lens from scratches or bumps but also give it a crystal view. Along with its 3 packs filter kit and anti-fog function, you can take a perfect picture even under water or in foggy condition.

#7. Artman Gopro 58-in-1 Accessories Kits

#7. Artman Gopro 58-in-1 Accessories Kit

This 58-in-1 gopro accessories kit is the product of Artman. Talking about its compatibility, it can be used with many GoPro models including SJCAM and DJI OSMO ACTION. It comes with various straps ranging from wrist strap, chest belt strap and helmet strap so you choose any strap that matches with your shooting style. This kit has a bike strap where you can install your camera on your bike to capture all the scenery during your trip.

In addition, it also has a floating grip with the anti-fog lens that allows you to take better video or photos in moist locations. The kit has a roomy shockproof carrying case so you can place your camera and the accessories together which is very essential and convenience for your travel.

#6. DeKaSi Action Gopro Accessories Kit

#6. DeKaSi Action Gopro Accessories Kit

Dekasi introduced to you another popular gopro accessories kit to aid your photo shooting activities. It comes with a big shockproof carrying case that you can neatly organize your camera and accessories together in one place when you are on the go. To give you more options, the kit comes with various straps to accommodate any capturing footage such as head strap, chest mount, backpack strap especially the floating handle keep your camera floated on the water so you can capture perfect video of your water sport activities.

On top of that, it has a tripod that you can put your camera on stand including a car suction mount that allows you to attach your camera on the flat surfaces and give it a good balance when shooting.

#5. Official GoPro Accessory Adventure Kits

#5. Official GoPro Accessory Adventure Kit

Let’s have a look at the accessories kit from the official GoPro Accessory. This is definitely a must-have kit in order to capture the best moments of your adventure. The set comes with floating handlebars to accommodate your shooting both inside and outside the water.

In addition, it has a head strap that is highly recommended to use when you are hiking or biking as it is the most convenient way to capture exactly where your view is directed. It also comes with a quick clip to allow you to set up your gopro camera to caps, belt and other gears. This kit includes a compact carrying case which is very convenient for your travel. This kit has a warranty of 1 year to give you a peace of mind after purchasing.

#4. Xiaomi Yi AKASO Gopro Accessories Kit

#4. Xiaomi Yi AKASO Gopro Accessories Kit

Another gopro accessories kit is the product of Xiaomi. If you are looking for an option with more accessories, this is the kit for you as it has up to 61 available accessories inside the package and also compatible with many gopro models. It is appealing to the users because it has multiple straps and grips that you can use for various purposes. It has a chest harness that you can adjust to any direction to capture the best footage when you are driving. Another one is known as floating grip which is ideal for shooting underwater as you are snorkeling or surfing.

It also has an adjustable bike handle so you can set up the camera on your bike as you travel. To film the scenery while you are driving, your camera can be securely attached to the window by the suction cup. The package also includes a selfie handle monopod and a tripod to help you shoot your photo in all circumstances.

#3. Neewer Full Gopro Accessories Kits

#3. Neewer Full Gopro Accessories Kit


This gopro accessories kit from Neewer is suitable for multiple use as it features various straps. Inside its package, you can find a wrist strap, head strap, chest strap and a bike handle with 3 ways adjustable arm. With these straps, you can make the best use of your camera in different circumstances.

In addition, it has a car suction mount so your camera can be installed on any smooth surfaces such as car window or porcelain tile. With this package, you will also get a lightweight mini tripod and a selfie stick that is compatible to use with other smartphones devices.

#2. Xixihaha 45-in-1 Gopro Accessories Kits

#2. Xixihaha 45-in-1 Gopro Accessories Kit

Coming up next we have an accessories kit from Xixihaha. With the various straps available in this kit you can have the option to set up your camera on the bike handle, backpack or your wrist in order to capture the video footage as you are traveling. Even better, the wrist strap can be monitored by Wifi remote to provide you maximum convenience.

With the suction cup, we guarantee that you can film a supreme quality video as it provides a variety of motion and helps to stabilize your camera on smooth surfaces. With this efficient set, we guarantee you will enjoy your shooting activities to the fullest.

#1. Official GoPro Accessory

#1. Official GoPro Accessory

Official GoPro accessories provide you with a special kit with high quality accessories to add value to your gopro camera. Get ready for shooting action or thrilling scenery with the two mounts that come inside this package. The first one is a chest mount that you can use to film immersive footage of the view. On top of that, it has a handlebar and seat post that you can fasten on any type of pole to capture a new perspective.

What is special about this kit is it is compatible with all gopro cameras, so you do not have to worry about not being able to use it with your old gopro at home. Additionally, it comes with a customizable case that you can personalize your accessories kit.

Buying Guides Of The Best Gopro Accessories Kit:


it is important to have accessories that are compatible with many devices so if you happen to change the camera you do not have to purchase another set of accessories.

Flexibility of use:

keep in mind that you will need to use your camera in unexpectable and adventurous circumstances so it is recommended to choose the kit that can accommodate your requirements.

Useful accessories:

a kit that has a lot of accessories is great however it will be a waste if you do not know how that accessories function or your camera works just fine without the support from that accessory, it is important to get its function tested before deciding to purchase.


After learning some useful tips and the recommended GoPro Accessories kits above, you will get an idea on what kind of accessories kit that you should choose in order to take your photo shooting experience to another level.

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