Top 5 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners Reviews of 2021

If you want to save time drawing or designing, consider buying the best electric pencil sharpeners as your great accessory. These sharpeners feature a quiet and powerful electric motor with an auto-reset feature to deliver reliable, sharpening power. This motor further features a smartshop technology auto-off feature to ensure pencils are fully sharpened without overheating. These sharpeners provide precision and clean sharpening with the HHC cutter technology that extends cutter life.

A number of these sharpeners have hole selector dial to support multiple pencil sizes. With the auto-jam system, these different sized pencils do not get stuck in the sharpener. But, the high capacity shaving tray is designed to handle many pencil shavings, eliminating frequent trips to the wastebasket. Most of these sharpeners have a compact design with a small footprint to fit even in tiny spaces. If you are in the market in the quest for the best electric pencil sharpeners, the 2021 review guide will help you.

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List of 5 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners Review in 2021:

#5. Teacher Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener

#5. Teacher Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener


By: X-Acto Electric Pencil Sharpeners

X-Acto electric pencil sharpener combines smart sharpening technology with rugged construction for dependable performance. This sharpener features sturdy carbon steel sharpened blades, resist wear and tear. The flyaway helical cutter efficiently sharpens pencils to safe and rounded tips without oversharpening. This cutter offers blade life that is 33-times longer than the standard sharpener without regular maintenance. The electric motor with an auto-reset feature delivers reliable sharpening power without disruption or overheating. So,the sturdy outer case resists and is engineered for quiet performance to limit classroom disturbance while in use.

The smartshop technology auto- shuts off the motor when pencils are fully sharpened, ensuring it does not go to waste. This sharpener is flexible and comes with an extra-large shaving receptor and multi-hole pencil dial. It can thus handle a variety of pencils up to 6-sizes, including composite or hardwood pencils. But, the extra-large receptor holds the shavings to prevent spillage, thus allowing easy cleanup. The sharpener is, therefore, ideal for consistent performance in busy environments like classrooms. So,this sharpener’s quality and precision make it perfect for teachers, hobbyists, professional designers, and more.

Reasons to buy:

  • Quiet electric motor
  • Flyaway cutter system
  • Hardened steel cutters
  • Multi-hole pencil dial
  • User-friendly design

#4. EPS4-BLACK Electric Pencil Sharpener

#4. EPS4-BLACK Electric Pencil Sharpener


By: Bostitch Office Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Bostitch EPS4-BLACK electric pencil sharpener features a quiet and robust motor. This allows you to sharpen your pencil quickly, quietly, and safely. This motor is reliable to operate stall-free, thus great for home or office use. This sharpener features an 8-hole selector dial with an oversized knob. The selector dial supports multiple pencil sizes while the knob provides comfort and ease of use for kids to grip. With a compact and contemporary design, the sharpener easily mounts to the wall or table for smooth sharpening.

The HHC cutter technology extends cutter life by 4x longer to provide a clean and precision sharpening. The high capacity tray can handle many pencil shavings, thus eliminating your frequent trips to empty the wastebasket. But, this shavings tray comes with a safety switch, equipped with tamper-proof MagnaSafe technology to prevent operation upon removing the shavings tray. This sharpener features a compact design with a small footprint for space-saving. With this design, your sharpener is lightweight, thus portable for use when you need it.

Reasons to buy:

  • 4x longer cutting life
  • 8-hole selector dial
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • High capacity shavings tray
  • Safety switch

#3. Electric Pencil Sharpeners

#3. Electric Pencil Sharpeners



POWERME electric pencil sharpener features high-quality material construction, thus gives you up to 3000 times of sharpening. It, therefore, does not wear out easily. With the heavy-duty ultra-durable stainless steel helical blade, it only takes you 3-seconds to sharpen. The unique rotating spiral drill design ensures you get perfect points every time with even tips. The auto-jam system ensures your pencils never get stuck in the sharpener. Therefore, this professional sharpener is an ideal choice for no.2 and colored pencils for drawing and coloring. Simply push down to release the pencil.

The table-mount vertical design fits comfortably on any size desk, saving on space. It is thus perfect for commercial use, classroom, executive use, desktop or office atmosphere. The compact and lightweight design makes the sharpener ideal for teachers, business people, students, or artists for use while on the go. But, the sharpener features an innovative auto-stop safety to prevent use upon removing the lid. This means no risks for your fingers. The large transparent shavings reservoir rarely needs emptying and is cleanable. So, simply remove the shavings tray and empty it into the wastebasket.

Reasons to buy:

  • 3000 times sharpening
  • Ultra-durable steel helical blade
  • Auto-stop safety feature
  • Unique spiral drill design
  • Compact and lightweight

#2. EPS4-BLUE Electric Pencil Sharpeners

#2. EPS4-BLUE Electric Pencil Sharpeners


By: Bostitch Office Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Bostitch EPS4-BLUE electric pencil sharpener features a compact design with a small footprint. It thus takes up minimal real estate on any working space. The sharpener looks excellent with a modern twist, thus efficient for the typical home or office user. But, the shaving tray shreds its shavings extra-thin and dumps them into an oversized bin. It, therefore, eliminates your frequent trips to waste the basket, saving on time.

The safety switch features a tamper-proof magnasafe technology to prevent operation when the shaving tray is removed. You should further expect precision and clean sharpening with the HHC cutter technology. The cutter technology extends cutter life by 4x, thus efficient. The sharpener features a powerful motor that allows for continuous, stall-free operation. You can, therefore, get the perfect pencil tip every time with even tips.

Reasons to buy:

  • Saves on space
  • Safety switch
  • 4x longer cutter life
  • High capacity shavings tray
  • Lightweight and compact

#1. 511 63BK Electric Pencil Sharpener

#1. 511 63BK Electric Pencil Sharpener


By: STAEDTLER Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Staedtler 511 63BK electric pencil sharpener is a blister card of one sharpener, thus perfect for daily use. Each sharpener features a compact design for easy storage in your pencil case or work station. This sharpener weighs about 0.64 ounces and is thus portable and convenient for use while on the go. But, the premium quality sharpening blades ensure that you will never have a dull moment and produces clear, accurate lines. These blades sharpen with a smooth feel and clean flower-like shavings, no matter the pencil quality.

The sharpener is thus ideal for business professionals, teachers, students or graphite, and colored pencil lovers. The assorted colors further add a fun surprise to every order. But, this metal sharpener features a secure-on lid to prevent açcidental opening. This lid prevents the shavings from spilling inside your pencil case, school bag, desk, or around the house. You therfore do not need to spend a lot of time cleaning up. Simply open the lid and dump the shavings into the waste bucket.

Reasons to buy:

  • Secure screw-on lid
  • Compact and portable
  • Premium quality sharpening blades
  • Assorted colors
  • Easy storage.

Key Features to Consider Electric Pencil Sharpeners:


An electric pencil sharpener is an excellent accessory if it is lightweight. Lightweight sharpeners are portable, for use wherever you need. You can thus use them at school, home, office, for art or business. Consider buying an electric pencil sharpener with stable but light material construction.


Electric pencil sharpeners come with a different design. When purchasing this product, consider buying the one with a compact and ergonomic design. A compact pencil sharpener with a small footprint takes up minimal space of any workplace. You can, therefore, mount the sharpener on the wall or work station for smooth sharpening. Further, consider sharpeners with an oversized knob to provide comfort and ease of use for kids’ grip. Other electric sharpeners have a hole selector dial to support multiple pencil sizes, whether for drawing or coloring.


Picking the right electric pencil sharpener depends on your need. Electric sharpeners with high capacity trays are ideal as they do not fill up fast. This allows you to shred your shavings and dump them in the oversized bin to empty into the wastebasket later. Large-sized trays have high shavings holding capacity than small sized ones.

Safety feature

Before purchasing an electric sharpener, try finding out if it allows for safe operation. Consider buying sharpeners with a safety switch equipped with tamper-proof MagnaSafe technology. But, this technology prevents operation when the shavings tray is removed for ultimate peace of mind. Kids can use sharpeners with safety features in classrooms without them risking their fingers.

Cutter technology 

If you want a clean and precision sharpening, consider buying electric sharpeners with a durable cutter for longer life. Cutters powered by a powerful motor allow for the continuous, stall-free operation to get the perfect pencil tip every time.

Quality of materials

It is essential to look into the quality of materials before purchasing your electric sharpener. Sharpeners with heavy-duty high-grade stainless steel helical blades take only 3-seconds to sharpen. High-quality materials are guaranteed to last without wearing out. You, therefore, do not have to replace your blades now and then.


Prospect buyers may tend to consider other features apart from the ones mentioned above. They may look into the ease of operation, durability, comfort, space-saving, price, storage, portability, effectiveness, efficiency, and assorted colors. A sleek and contemporary sharpener design with various colors adds a high twist to your office and home decor.

What is the best electric pencil sharpener?

The best electric pencil sharpener works with different kinds of pencils. These include ordinary, colored, graphite, wood, and much more. It will accommodate different thicknesses as well as brands. A good choice works okay in the home, classroom, office, art studio, and many other places. It’s easy to operate even for a newbie and doesn’t require lots of space owing to being small and compact. The unit comes with a powerful motor and blade/ drum mechanism to tackle even the toughest materials. And despite the top performance, it runs silently to suit quiet environments.

The receptacle will have a decent capacity to hold the shavings. Also, it won’t leave a mess on the surface. It won’t run for too long to prevent wastage and also overheating. For additional safety, the unit will come with auto-shutoff. Bostitch, JARLINK, Prismacolor, Dahle, X-ACTO, Staedtler, TripWorthy, Blick, and Maped are some good brand options.

Can you sharpen an electric pencil sharpener?

There is always confusion on whether you can sharpen an electric pencil sharpener. You may notice sluggish performance or poor outcomes. This is usually due to the blades becoming dull over time. Running it this way is not only slow but also wastes energy since it will be making more rotations but having little effect.

The truth is that this depends on the type since the accessory comes in various styles. One type features a blade, which is accessible. You can try to disable the unit and then remove the blade. Using a small file, carefully sharpen the edge to restore its sharpness. Remember doing this too often reduces the diameter hence will eventfully become ineffective.

Some types came with a sanding drum instead of a blade. Such types can’t be re-sharpened. What you can do is to replace the sanding drum. Some research is necessary to ascertain whether the item can be sharpened and how often.

Does Walmart sell electric pencil sharpeners?

Walmart does sell electric pencil sharpeners. In fact, it’s one of the leading platforms and offers a wide variety to suit different needs. You find simple options for home or personal use. Also, there are some heavy-duty types for the office, drawing room, classroom, art studio, and other demanding situations.

You can purchase the accessory offline via a physical brick & mortar store. Alternatively, you can purchase the accesory online and it will be delivered right to your office, office, or any other suitable location. Some of the options that Walmart stocks include X-Acto 1900, Westcott School & Office, X-Acto mighty mite, Bostitch QuietSharp 6, and X-Acto school.


Pencil sharpening should not be tedious, nor should you spend much time emptying your sharpener off shavings. Consider purchasing electric pencil sharpeners with a powerful motor and durable cutter technology for a clean and precision sharpening. But, the high capacity trays do not fill up fast, thus saving you multiple trips to empty the waste bucket. So,simply use the best electric pencil sharpeners in 2021 reviews as your guide.

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