Top 8 Best Electric Erasers By Consumer Reports in 2021

Do you love drawing or doing art works? Are you looking for an ideal gift for your friends and family who work in an artist’s field? In this article, we would present to you the 10 best electric erasers that are an essential tool for drawing, sketching, painting, craft drafting, architectural plan, and many more.

With these electric erasers, we can guarantee that the overall impression of your painting will be very distinctive because of how realistic they are.

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List of Best Electric Erasers Reviews in 2021:

#8. Hillento 3 Set Electric Eraser

#8. Hillento 3 Set Electric Eraser

This electric eraser gives you 3 color options including black, grey, and white. The eraser is functioned by 2 AAA batteries. It is extremely simple to use this eraser. You just press the button to turn it on and move it to the areas that you want to remove. This eraser comes with 2 different sizes of eraser holders, 2.3 mm and 5 mm.

This package also gives you 66 pieces of additional erasers to replace the old one that you used up. With these two sizes of rubber, you will be able to create, correct, remove, or even highlight your arts into a very defined and distinctive piece.

#7. Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

#7. Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

This electric eraser requires 2 AAA batteries. Because of its top mounted on and off button, this eraser becomes a very ergonomically tool for both left and right handed users. The design of this eraser is also very convenient and you will not feel any discomfort even if you use it for a long period of time. There are 8 extra erasers for you to refill when you run out of your first one.

With this tool, you will be able to quickly correct every mistake whether they are big, small, or stubborn to get rid of. It also works perfectly with colored pencils. This kit performs its function quietly without causing any disturbing noise.

#6. Electric Erasers – Rechargeable

#6. Electric Erasers - Rechargeable

This electric eraser will become your most favorite assisting tool every time you sketch, draw, paint, craft, draft, or do any architectural plans. You will be amazed by the numbers of refill erasers that come along with this package. The 280 refill erasers come in 2 sizes including the 2.3 mm (200 erasers) and 5 mm (80 erasers). The eraser holders also come in 2 sizes, so they can hold and fit with the erasers perfectly. The package also includes 1 brush.

The great thing about this eraser is that it is powered by charging via the electricity with the provided USB cable. This is a very good way to protect the environment because you can contribute to reducing the battery’s waste activity.

#5. Sakura EE-3000 SumoGrip Eraser

This cordless electric eraser is very popular due to its durability and practicality. It is functioned by 2 AAA batteries. The design of this eraser takes into consideration an ergonomically thought, so users can conveniently work with this eraser without feeling tired of holding the grip. In addition, this eraser has a very strong torque, so you have no problems erasing the stubborn marks anymore.

Another great thing about this tool is that it comes with 20 additional erasers for you to refill. You can also use this kit to remove the ink that was drawn on the wall if you have small children at home.

#4. Ogrmar 2Pcs Electric Erasers Kit

#4. Ogrmar 2Pcs Electric Eraser Kit

This set comes with two electric erasers that are both in blue color. It is recognized as a long lasting electric eraser. This is a 2 AAA batteries operated eraser. It is a great tool for all-purpose whether it is for a classroom, office, or professional artist’s works. This package gives you 20 refill erasers, making it very convenient to immediately refill a new eraser whenever you run out of the eraser in the middle of your work. This eraser is user friendly, so when working with it, you do not need to apply a strong pressure to remove the incorrect areas. Simply press the button, hold the erase to that mark, and rotate it slightly back and forth.

This eraser is very powerful with its strong motor that can effectively erase the unwanted areas very precisely and fast. In addition, it also offers a pinpoint erasing and a lot of torque to remove any difficult spots of your works.

#3. Meikeer Electric Eraser Kit

#3. Meikeer Electric Eraser Kit

This electric eraser kit is very effective in removing any thick and stubborn marks since it has a high speed motor and high quality rubber eraser. This eraser is battery operated, and it requires 2 AAA batteries. It is recommended to take the battery out when you do not use this eraser for a long term use. You just have to push the button and rotate this eraser back and forth on the target areas you do not need. By purchasing this eraser, you will get a package that includes 1 electric eraser, 2 pieces of eraser clips, 1 brush, 50 pieces of small eraser with a 2.3 mm tip, and 42 pieces of big eraser with a 5 mm tip.

When you finish your first eraser, simply pull the rubber clip up and refill a new eraser into that clip, and push it back into the eraser mouth. Use the provided brush to clean the eraser crumbs, and you will now accomplish a piece of art that is very brilliant and astonishing.

#2. Ohuhu Electric Erasers Kit

#2. Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

This cordless electric eraser requires 2 AAA batteries. This tool package includes 1 electric eraser, 20 refill erasers, and 1 brush. The kit is very light and compact. The process of refilling the eraser will take you only a few seconds. This eraser is very ideal for artists because this tool makes drawing, sketching, crafting, designing, arts or architectural plans becomes easier and faster, thus your finished works will be very detailed and precise.

This eraser is very practical because the tip can be rotated, so erasing the parts that you do not want will not be a challenge and you will not accidentally smear your works like your old traditional erasers. The operation of this eraser is very simple. You just have to push the button and apply a light touch to the area you want to erase. Because the motor of this eraser is strong, it is very efficient to remove the target areas.

#1. AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit

#1. AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit

This electric eraser is a great helper for professional artists or anyone who loves drawing, painting, crafting, or any arts related works. There are 140 erasers in total to refill when you use up the first eraser. The eraser comes with 2 different sizes including the 2.3 mm (100 refill) and 5 mm (40 refill). You will also get 2 eraser holders so that they can hold the 2 size erasers well. These two sizes will allow you to create a masterpiece that can show everything in a perfect and precise detail whether it is a big, thick, or thin area. You will get 1 brush and 1 USB cable in this kit as well.

Another great feature of this electric eraser kit is that it is rechargeable, so you would never waste your money buying batteries anymore. Your eraser is fully charged when the blue light disappears. After a full charge, you can use it for about 600 times, making this eraser very economical and environmentally friendly. The circular design of this eraser makes it very convenient for you to hold. Simply push the button and apply just a slight pressure to remove any unwanted marks.

Buying Guides Of The Best Electric Eraser:

Refill erasers: 

We cannot always remember to check whether or not we have enough stationary. Thus, it is very important to choose the electric eraser that comes with a refill rubber eraser, so when we run out of eraser in the middle of the work, there is a new replacement ready.


If you have a preference between recharging via the electricity and batteries changing, you have to check carefully how your electric eraser is functioning to avoid getting one that is not the right type for you.

Strong Erasing Capability:

Your electric eraser will be very helpful and practical if it can be well rotated, so you can easily and quickly remove the targeted marks. It is important to check the flexibility of the eraser’s circular movement and the motor capability, so that the targeted areas will be removed effectively and precisely.


In short, we hope that this article will be able to help you find the right tool for your artistic works. These electric erasers are very easy to operate and change batteries. They are also very durable and practical and at the same time very affordable. We are certain that one of these kits will be a great assistant to stimulate your artist talents into a remarkable level. So, creating a gorgeous art piece will not be complicated anymore.

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