Top 10 Best Drawing Kits By Consumer Reports in 2020

If you are looking forward to beginning your art journey, this is the first step of your hobby or career: getting a good drawing kit. The Drawing Kits should include all the essential components that you need to do the drawing and sketching. With a good tool kit, you are already halfway toward your success.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the top 10 best drawing kits. The reviews below are based on the feedback of consumers worldwide. To see what they are, let’s go through it with us now.

Bestseller Drawing Kits On Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set Amazon Exclusive
Includes 24 Premium Core Colored Pencils which color, shade, and blend beautifully; Comes in a deluxe wooden carrying case with a drawer to easily organize your supplies
$29.99 $28.10
Bestseller No. 6
AmazonBasics Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit - 17-Piece Set
All-in-one drawing and sketch kit for artists of all skill levels; Includes a variety of pencils, sketch and charcoal sticks, erasers and sharpeners
Bestseller No. 9
Art 101 USA Budding Artist 154 Piece Junior Artist Trifold Easel Art Set, White
Includes everything your child needs to explore their creativity; Choose from markers, crayons, oil pastels, watercolor paints, and colored pencils

List of 10 Best Drawing Kits By Consumer Reports in 2020:

#10. EFX Drawing Kit – 33 Pieces

#10. EFX Drawing Kit - 33 Pieces

To begin with, we have this drawing kit from EFX. It comes with 33 pieces of drawing kits inside the package, which includes a wide range of tools, such as sketch pencils, charcoal pencils, sharpener, pencil knives and other essential components. This set is suitable for both experts and beginners who wish to start their journey with sketching.

The kit is stored in a portable carrying bag. It is small and compact enough for you to carry with you on a daily basis. It is also space saving in order not to consume much space inside your travel bag. Also, in this set, users do not have to get the sketch book separately as it is already included in the package.

For these reasons, if you are running out of ideas to find a gift for your family and friends who love drawing, this is the best choice ever that you can get.

#9. Glokers Drawing Kit – 72 Pieces

#9. Glokers Drawing Kit - 72 Pieces

If you prefer a larger set of drawing kits, you should consider this kit from Glokers. It comes with a complete set of 72 pieces, and it offers all kinds of sketching pencils, ranging from 8B to 5H. There are many types of pencils in this tool kit, including charcoal, graphite and watercolor. You will have the maximum level of flexibility working with this drawing kit.

Besides the drawing kit, there are also many other accessories included for you. These accessories are erasers, sharpeners as well as stumps. In order for you to store these items easily for transportation, there is a carrying case included for you as well. The case features a zippered closure, so that every item can have the best safety and security inside the case.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the drawing kit within 30 days, you can claim your money back from Glokers to ensure the best customer satisfaction for this purchase.

#8. COLOUR BLOCK Drawing Kit with Carry Case

#8. COLOUR BLOCK Drawing Kit with Carry Case

Another choice for a good drawing kit is from COLOUR BLOCK. This drawing set is compatible with users at all ages, ranging from children to seniors. Also, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals as well. All the tools are stored in one carrying case, and the case is made from high quality canvas.

Inside this kit, there are a variety of tools, such as colored art pencils, pastels and sketching pencils. Apart from these essential items, there are other components, such as pencil knife, sanding block and eraser as well. It offers the drawing pad and sketching papers for you to have fun with it.

When you want to bring the tool out, there is no need to worry about the safety. As I have mentioned earlier, it provides a carrying case for you. More importantly, the case also includes inside pockets and elastic loops to take the best care of the tools inside.

#7. Sunnyglade Drawing Kit

#7. Sunnyglade Drawing Kit

Now, it’s time for us to give our attention to this art set from Sunnyglade. It provides all of the essential drawing and coloring materials inside the package, and it works well for everyone who loves drawing regardless of the age. There are up to 185 pieces inside this set, and they are very easy to carry since a carrying bag is included in this case.

The drawing materials are all built from environmentally friendly ingredients. No matter if it is a pencil or a crayon, it guarantees to be non-toxic in the long run, and the safety standards are even tested and certified by ASTM.

There are a wide range of tools in this drawing kit, and it is the most complete set ever that you can get. The tools include colored pencils, drawing papers, markers, rulers, erasers and other tools that you need. All of the tools are guaranteed with a warranty from Sunnyglade to ensure the best quality while in use.

#6. Shuttle Art 123 Pieces Drawing Kits

#6. Shuttle Art 123 Pieces Drawing Kit

Shuttle Arts also provides one of the best drawing kits. It includes 123 pieces of tools in this one set, and it provides a variety of pencil types, such as oil based pencil, sketch pencil and charcoal pencil. Other extra accessories include paint brush, sharpeners, eraser and blending stumps. It is a full set for both drawing and sketching.

This drawing tool does not only work well for drawing, but it is also compatible with design. No matter what level are you on, you can still use this drawing kit to fulfill your curiosity and dream of art.

The quality of the product is guaranteed with a 100% satisfaction warranty, which means you are going to receive the best peace of mind with this purchase. At the most affordable price, you can get the fullest tool kit from Shuttle Art to start your artist journey.

#5. Norberg & Linden Drawing Kits Set for Professionals

#5. Norberg & Linden Drawing Set for Professionals

For this drawing kit from Norberg & Linden, it is designed for professionals. The reason is that it provides the fullest drawing supplies that you can get to fulfill your demand for art. There are many tools in this tool kit, which include pencils, sketch papers and erasers. The pencils come with different sizes and thickness to work for different purposes. It ranges from 8B to 5H. This works well for both children and adults.

This tool kit is designed ideally for both indoor and outdoor usage. The fact is that you can pack all of the tools in one travel case provided and get it ready for your outdoor sketching. It is super compact and convenient in order for you to bring along with confidence and convenience.

However, if you feel that the drawing kit quality does not match the description, you are encouraged to contact Norberg & Linden to get your money back. So, it guarantees one of the best consumer experiences ever.

#4. Shuttle Art Indoor Outdoor Drawing Kits Set

#4. Shuttle Art Indoor Outdoor Drawing Set

Here comes another drawing kit from Shuttle Art. Compared to the previous model, this one comes with a smaller set. However, it still includes all the tools that you need, including graphite pencil, plastic sharpener, eraser, masking tape as well as other important components. All of the tools together make up 52 pieces in the kit.

The graphite pencils come in different sizes, ranging from 5H to 8B. On the other hand, for the charcoal pencils, they have different hardness to work for different art purposes. This is going to serve you well no matter if you are a beginner or expert in the field.

Another significant feature of this drawing kit is that the tools are all made from non-toxic materials. They are designed to offer you a comfortable and safe experience. Therefore, if you wish to get this drawing kit for your kid, you can do that with confidence.

#3. US Art Supply Drawing Set for Beginners, Drawing Kits

#3. US Art Supply Drawing Set for Beginners 

Moving onto the next drawing kit from US Art Supply, it serves as an intro set, which is responsible for taking good care of the beginners who would like to learn drawing or sketching. This tool kit is also a travel kit since the kit is stored in a travel case for you. Therefore, the function of this drawing kit should not be limited to home use only.

It includes up to 142 pieces of tools inside the kit, and the tools include all the important components for drawing and sketching, such as oil pastels, pencils, water cakes as well as other wax crayons. Also, users do not need to buy their own sketchbook since it is also provided in this package.

You can enjoy the process of drawing, sketching, coloring, painting and designing to the best of your convenience with this tool kit in the long run.

#2. Norberg & Linden Drawing Set for Home and School

#2. Norberg & Linden Drawing Set for Home and School

What about this drawing kit from Norberg & Linden? It is a professional set for real artists who need to create wonderful art pieces. It includes many different tools in the package, such as pencil, erasers, sketch pads, sharpeners and many more important components. The pencils come with different thickness, and therefore, users can enjoy the best precision in drawing fine lines.

However, the drawing kit is easy to use enough, so that parents can also choose this drawing kit for their children if they are in love with drawing and sketching. It is very convenient for home, school and outdoor use since the tools are stored in one case. The case is divided into multiple compartments, and they are responsible for separating the tools and taking good care of them.

With this drawing kit, there is no need to worry about the quality as it features a money back warranty for the product.

#1. Darice Drawing Kits Sets for Professionals and Beginners

#1. Darice Drawing Sets for Professionals and Beginners

Last but not least, we should not miss this drawing kit from Darice. There are 80 pieces of tools in this art set, and they are compatible with a wide range of functions, such as drawing, sketching, painting and coloring. This drawing kit is made for both beginners and professionals who have many years of experience with art.

The set includes a bunch of tools, including art pencils, pencil sharpener, sanding block and other essential components. All of the tools can be put into a wooden case included in this package. The case is responsible for keeping the tools in one place without any loss.

This is a great gift for your family, friends and your loved ones. No matter who that is, how professional they are and what age range they are in, this drawing kit is still the best choice for you to choose.

However, since this drawing kit is made up of some small components, children below 6 years old are not recommended for it due to the concern for safety.

Buying Guides

If you are a professional artist, you might have known that a good drawing kit is more important than any other things on earth. Therefore, if you want to get a good drawing kit with the most affordable budget, below are the criteria that you should consider for your shopping decision.


the number of components included in the drawing kit varies. It can be as little as 50 to almost 200. However, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing to look at is whether the set is complete or not. For a drawing kit, it should include a wide range of components, such as art pencils, sanding blocks, erasers, knives, sketching papers and sketching pad.


the drawing kit should not be made of toxic materials. They should meet the safety standard of the environment in order to ensure their quality and safety in the long run. Otherwise, it will cause great harm to your health if you interact with it on a daily basis.

Carrying case:

this is also an important criterion because it is capable of gathering all the drawing tools in one place to keep them safe and easy to find while in need.


To conclude this article, above are the top 10 best drawing kits. To guarantee the best quality of your artwork, you should start your artist journey with a set of good drawing kits. No matter which set you choose from the above, they will never become a waste of your money.

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