Top 5 Best Camping Fans By Consumer Reports of 2020

Camping is one of the best ways of having fun and connecting with nature more so during the summer season. However, hot summer weather can make you uncomfortable. Spending your days on the sun and sleeping under a heated tent can be a nuisance. For that reason, you need a camping fan every time you go camping during the hot season. Camping Fans will increase the airflow in your tent to create a cooling effect that makes you feel better. Regardless of the hot scorching sun, you will have a guarantee of comfort as far as you have a camping fan.

Most camping fans are lightweight, making them easy to carry from one point to another for a convenient adventurous experience. You will also find camping fans with lighting features to illuminate your camping tent during the night. That makes camping tents indispensable camping gears during summer. However, in numerous ways, camping fans are not the same. Determining an ideal camping fan can be overwhelming. The following guide will ease the stress and confusion when it comes to finding the right item. Here is a list of 5 camping fans of 2020.

List of 5 Best Camping Fans View in 2020:

#5. REENUO Handheld Mini Fan

#5. REENUO Handheld Mini Fan


REENUO handheld mini fan has a 360-degree rotation design that makes it ideal for numerous settings. It is not only adjustable to different angles but also portable, a combination that makes it versatile. You can use it as a stroller fan, travel fan, crib fan, desk fan, mini portable fan, and small handheld fan. After serving your camping activities, you can conveniently use it for all these activities. The fan boasts a flexible tripod whose design allows you to adjust it to different positions. You can wrap it, stand it, grip it, or keep it in a flexible and stable position. It securely fits it in any place that requires cooling, including a camping tent and car seat. It has a rechargeable battery allowing you to increase your camping cooling needs by charging it.

REENUO handheld mini fan additionally features 12 low powered LED bulbs. The LED bulbs will brightly illuminate your camping tent during the night. What is more, the light level is adjustable for perfect lighting. It has a high performing brushless motor with fast speed, and strong airflow yet produces low noise. Its design is small, lightweight, and compact for ease of portability and storage. Featuring high-quality ABS, this fan will endure ordinary drops making it durable. Its design makes it safe for kids since their fingers cannot fit in the fan. It has a cute design that makes it a perfect gift to young ones.

Reasons to buy

  • Ultra-quiet
  • High-quality ABS material
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • LED light bulbs
  • High performing motor
  • Rechargeable battery

#4. BRIGENIUS Camping Fan

#4. BRIGENIUS Camping Fan


BRIGENIUS has the exact features you might want in a camping fan. Being portable and handy, you can easily carry it from one point to another during your trips. Its hand hook design allows you to easily hang it in your tent recreational vehicle or branches for a convenient cooling experience. It has 12 LED lights that illuminate your tent or campsite during the night. High-quality brushless motor makes it powerful with a maximum wind speed of 10.5ft/s and step-less speed regulation. You will have a calm and peaceful camping experience thanks to its lower noise level of ≤40Db.

The copper brushless motor, together with a firm hand hook design, makes BREGENIUS camping fan more durable, safe, and stable. You get airflow from different directions thanks to its adjustable design that allows it to make a rotation of up to 360 degrees. You will enjoy a more extended cooling period ranging from 6 to 24 hours on varying speed levels. Camping Fans have many power options, including replaceable and rechargeable batteries and USB charging. That makes it convenient while on the go. The manufacturer gives you a satisfaction assurance of an 18-months warranty.

Reasons to buy

  • Strong hand hook design
  • 12 LED lights
  • Lower noise level
  • Adjustable design
  • 18-months warranty
  • Multiple power options

#3. REENUO 500mAh Camping Fans

#3. REENUO 500mAh Camping Fan


REENUO is a low power consumption camping fan that saves your energy bills. Its head has LED light that illuminates in darkness to support your night camping activities. With three adjustable speed modes and modifiable wind power, you can adjust to your perfect cooling needs. The built-in hook at its bottom gives it a versatile placement design. You can hang it at any of your convenient places, including outside branches, a tent, or your car. Regardless of its wind speed, its operation smoothly thanks to the ultra-stable chassis.

REENUO camping fan additionally has replaceable and rechargeable batteries with a long life of up to 4.5 to 40 hours. You can charge the fan using a laptop, mobile power, and car charge to prolong your cooling and lighting experience. Its lightweight, small, and compact design makes it easy to carry and store. High-quality ABS material makes it resistant to damages with just ordinary falls, making it durable. It features two water-absorbing sponges for aromatherapy and driving away mosquitoes.

Reasons to buy

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Adjustable speed modes
  • Multiple power options
  • Long battery life
  • High-quality ABS material
  • Built-in hook

#2. Amacool Portable Battery Camping Fans

#2. Amacool Portable Battery Camping Fan

By: Amacool

Amacool portable battery camping fan combines the features that make it an indispensable camping item. Its built-in hook-to-hang feature gives it a versatile placement design. For that reason, you can hang it on your tent, branches, or inside your RV. Much more, you can place it on your office or home desk or mount it on the wall. It is also safe for kids and pets. A 500mAh battery powers this camping fan. The battery power extends up to 40 hours with a fan and up to 18 days with light. It also features a USB port allowing you to charge it on your laptop, car, or power bank. You can, therefore, have convenient and cool outdoor and indoor activities.

Amcool portable battery camping fan further boasts a mini-size of 2.4by5.3b77.1 and a lightweight of 11.3oz. This design allow you to carry and store the fan easily during your trips. Your campsites will be lit during the night, thanks to its three-mode LED lights. It operates with minimum noise giving you a quiet and peaceful environment. With three-speed regulation modes, you can adjust to an optimal speed. You can also adjust to a perfect airflow direction thanks to the vertical and horizontal 360 degrees rotation feature. The manufacturer will also back-up this item with a one-year warranty

Reasons to buy:

  • Multiple power options
  • Versatile placement design
  • Three modes of LED lights
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • One-year warranty

#1. Odoland Portable LED Camping Fans

#1. Odoland Portable LED Camping Fan

By: Odoland

Ondoland portable LED camping fan has a lantern that will light your campsite and tent during the night. The versatile design of the low-powered LED bulbs allows you to adjust to low or high light for optimum illumination. You can, therefore, continue with your camping activities even when the sunsets. What is more, you can adjust the fan’s speed to a low or high setting for the best air circulation. Its high-quality brushless motor performs the best yet with a whisper operation. It has a maximum wind speed of 10ft/s and a powerful airflow to keep the air around you fresh and provide excellent cooling.

The extremely lightweight construction of Ondoland fan makes it easy to carry while on the go. The lantern is collapsible to a smaller size for effortless storage-saving some space in your backpack for more camping items. It has a high capacity battery that keeps its lighting for up to 37 hours. You can buy it along with 2D batteries to keep the fan working for up to 5 hours on high-speed mode.

Reasons to buy

  • Lightweight construction
  • Versatile design
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Ease of storage
  • High capacity batteries.

Key features to consider camping fans:


In most cases, you might not have access to electricity in your camping area. In that case, you need a battery-powered camping fan. You might also consider picking a camping fan with a rechargeable battery. A rechargeable camping fan is cheap and convenient since you simply need to recharge it between trips rather than buying new batteries. Some camping fans have USB ports that make them convenient to charge in your car or using a solar charger.

Noise Level

Some camping fans work with much noise while others are ultra-quiet. Depending on the environment you want during your camping, you can decide whether to go for the noisy or quiet one. If you want a peaceful and calm night, then you should opt for a less-noisy camping fan. You should check the noise property details before purchasing your camping fan.


Some camping fans are more powerful than others. A more powerful camping fan creates more airflow providing the best cooling effect. Depending on your needs, consider whether the camping fan you want to buy has a variable speed control or a fixed one. A camping fan with speed, modification feature allows you to increase or reduce its working rate for optimal cooling.

Size and placement

The size of your tent will determine the best camping fan that will cool itIf your tent is small, then a mini-sized camping fan will work for you. On the other hand, a bigger camping tent needs an equally larger camping fan. The size of your camping fan will also determine its portability. As for the placement factor, some fans will simply sit on your tent’s floor while others need some hanging. You should have these in mind to ensure that you pick an ideal camping fan that matches your needs.


Portability is an indispensable feature to consider when purchasing camping fans. You will mostly be on the go during your trips. Activities such as hiking will require that you have a portable camping fan. The best camping fan to buy should have a lightweight and compact design for ease of carrying.

NB: Other than the above features, buyers will also consider other factors when buying camping fans. You might need to ponder the price, lighting, and material when buying your camping fan.


You can agree that a camping fan is an essential item for outdoor activities during summer. You will have the best moments regardless of the hot weather as far as you have a camping fan. However, with the confusion that comes when shopping for an ideal camping fan, this guide will significantly help you.

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