Top 10 Best Beach Canopies By Consumer Reports in 2020

Are you planning for your next beach trip? If so, there are many things that you should consider to bring along with, from a small piece of sunscreen to a folding chair. However, if you want to really stay away from the sun while enjoying the sea view, we would like to recommend you with the beach canopies to offer you the shade.

To learn more about the beach canopies, let’s go through the reviews of the top 10 best beach canopies with us now.

List of 10 Best Beach Canopies By Consumer Reports in 2020:

#10. UMARDOO Family Beach Tent

#10. UMARDOO Family Beach Tent

For a small family trip to the beach, this beach canopy from UMARDOO is highly recommended. It comes with the size of 7 x 7 feet, which is enough to support 3 – 4 people. All the areas under the canopy come with full height, and therefore, it is very easy for you to move around with convenience. The structure of this canopy is reinforced by pole anchor screws to make it go deep into the sand or rock.

It offers sun-proof protection with UPF 50+ while it is also resistant to water. Moreover, the position of the canopy is very easy to adjust from angles to angles. With this foldable canopy, the quality of your trip will be maximized to the best.

#9. WolfWise Waterproof Beach Canopy

#9. WolfWise Waterproof Beach Canopy

Last but not least, we have this beach canopy from WolfWise. It takes only a few simple steps to set up this beach canopy thanks to the spring opening system. The installation process can be as short as only minutes. In addition, it is made with 9.5mm fiberglass poles to ensure the strength of the tent’s structure.

On the other hand, it is built from polyester which is waterproof and sun-proof. It offers UPF 50+ protection which means you will never have to be exposed to the extreme UV rays. The beach canopy is designed for family size, which can accommodate about 4 people at once.

#8. ALPHA CAMP Beach Shade

#8. ALPHA CAMP Beach Shade

First of all, we have this beach canopy from ALPHA CAMP. There are 2 color options for you to select, which are blue and green. It is built from 100% lycra fabric along with aluminum poles in order to provide both elasticity and comfort. It offers a large floor space of 7.6 x 7.2 feet. This space is enough to accommodate about 3 – 4 people.

The design of this canopy is both lightweight and portable with a body of only 4.4lbs. This way, you can always find it easy to bring along to the beach. On the other hand, the shade comes with UPF 50+ protection to secure you against the burning sun.

#7. ZOMAKE Instant Beach Canopies

#7. ZOMAKE Instant Beach Canopy

For this beach tent from ZOMAKE, it is designed for 3 – 4 people to enjoy together in order to escape from the sun. There are 3 color designs, including silver, lake blue and beach cabana color. It is very easy to set up thanks to the hydraulic system which makes the assembly as short as only seconds. It is made from sun-proof fabric, which has the UPF level at 50+.

Moreover, it will never add any unpleasant odor to the surrounding area. In addition, the design of this tent is also larger than other beach canopies on the market since it allows 3 people to lie down at the same time. Within 90 days, it guarantees a replacement for you if there are any problems.

#6. Core Pop-up Tent, Beach Canopies

#6. Core Pop-up Tent

Moving onto the next beach canopy from Core, there are 2 colors for option, including gray and seal gray. It is made from polyester, and it is very easy to set up which can take as short as only 2 minutes. After the full assembly, it provides an area of 100 square feet for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

The canopy includes a sunshade with UPF 50+ protection. It is also equipped with H2O block technology to protect you from all kinds of weather. It also includes dual vents to maximize the breathability. So, the canopy is made from 150D polyester and reinforced by a steel frame, which is ideal for beaching, camping and tailgating.

#5. WINNINGO Premium Beach Canopy

#5. WINNINGO Premium Beach Canopy

For this beach canopy from WINNINGO, there are 2 color options: blue and turquoise. It is designed for a small family to enjoy at the beach. The canopy is made with 4 aluminum poles with the overall height of 6.6 inches. The space is suitable for 6 – 7 adults. The structure of this beach canopy is strengthened by the pole anchor screws to keep them in place steadily especially when it comes to the strong wind.

It is made from lycra material, and it is easy enough to set up on your own. After use, you can simply fold it up and store in the waterproof carry bag provided by WINNINGO.

#4. Red Suricata Lightweight Beach Canopies

#4. Red Suricata Lightweight Beach Canopy

If you are a true lover of bright colors, you should consider this beach canopy from Red Suricata. It is designed with many beautiful bright colors, such as blue, pink, orange and purple. It offers the largest shade area, and each sunshade tarp is supported by 2 poles. The tent is enough for 3 – 4 adults. It is made with aluminum poles, and therefore, it is lightweight and compact enough for you to carry conveniently while going on a long distance trip.

It also includes pole anchor screws to reinforce their frame in case of bad weather. With UPF 50+ protection, you can fully enjoy the fun with your family and friends without having to worry about your beauty.

#3. Neso 7-feet Beach Tent

#3. Neso 7-feet Beach Tent

Next, let’s give a look at this beach canopy from Neso. Beach Canopy comes with a beautiful design inspired by Southern California. It includes a corner anchor bag for you to weigh it down to create more stability. It is made from nylon and lycra to offer comfortable and sun-proof protection. The design is also lightweight and portable, yet it is a little bit heavier than the previous one since it weighs about 6.5 pounds.

However, it provides a carrying bag for you to store the canopy and carry it on your shoulders to the beach. The UV protection of this sun shade is UPF 50+.

#2. Pacific Breeze Products Beach Canopies

#2. Pacific Breeze Products Canopy

Another great beach canopy design is from Pacific Breeze Products. It comes in XL size, yet it is only about 6 pounds in weight. The setup process of this canopy is easy and convenient enough which can be finished within minutes. After use, you can fold it down to a much smaller size. With UPF 50+ protection, it also includes windows to maximize the air ventilation.

The space is enough to accommodate about 4 people. In addition, inside the tent, there are pockets for you to store any essential personal items that you wish to keep them safe. So, there is also a carrying case included to store the whole canopy.

#1. Sport-Brella SPF 50+ Beach Canopy

#1. Sport-Brella SPF 50+ Beach Canopy

Sport-Brella also offers us one of the best beach canopies on the market. Beach Canopy features 3 color designs, including blue, red and turquoise. It is designed in XL size, and it offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. It also includes side panels to cover more of the space and provide better protection. However, there is still a wind flap which allows the maximum ventilation or air flow inside the tent.

The structure of this canopy is supported by 4.5mm of steel ribs as well as steel stretchers. In case of windy conditions, it also includes anchor cords for you to make the ground become heavy duty for extra security.

Buying Guides Of The Best Beach Canopy:

Below are the criteria of a good beach canopy.


since the canopy is used at the beach, what we look for is comfort and protection. A good canopy is usually built from lycra or nylon materials which is both waterproof and sun-proof. It has to include the UPF 50+ protection to secure you against the burning UV rays.


while it is comfortable, it should ensure the durability and stability as well. It is often built from steel or aluminum frame which is both strong and lightweight. This is convenient when you have to fold it up and carry it onto another destination. Moreover, it should include pole anchor screws to protect it when it comes to the windy time.


while looking for a beach canopy, you should also look for the size that best suits your demand. Normally, it can support about 3 – 4 people. However, there are also larger size tents that can support up to 6 – 7.


In short, above are the top 10 best beach canopies. If you are already planning, get your beach canopies now in order to get yourself and your loved ones ready for the trip together.

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