Top 10 Best Baby Fences By Consumer Reports in 2021

Are you looking for a playpen for your baby? Indeed, there aren’t any others better than these ten fantastic baby fences. They are made from top-quality materials and will certainly catch your child’s attention. Now, let’s see what we’ve got.

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List of 10 Best Baby Fences Reviews in 2021:

#10. Kids Club Baby Fence with Lock

#10. Kids Club Baby Fence with Lock

Kidsclub baby fence comes at a height of 22.8inch, high enough to prevent your baby from jumping over. Baby Fence is constructed from commercial-quality HDPE material. It contains no toxic, none of those bad odors you may find in other products, or harmful chemicals like BPA. It comes with many other features, one in which is the rubberized suction cups bottom. They are equipped on each edge to keep the playpen stable and strong. Added to this, there is a safety gate with a lock on the outside to keep your child in.

And to get them to practice their gripping ability, the fence includes rotating flowers for them to play with. Not to mention, it comes in foldable with 12 panels for you to use, so you can have the playpen shaped in a square, a rectangle or any other forms to suit the space in your house. And since it is foldable, it can be stored easily with no problems.

#9. FDW Baby Fence with Suction Cups

#9. FDW Baby Fence with Suction Cups

FDW baby fence is made out of premium HDPE material. It is commercial grade and toxic-free, making it safe for your baby. It is 23inch tall, an impossible height for your babies to get out by themselves. Once you set it up, there will be no worries about it falling over your baby, as the suction cups equipped on the bottom of each edge will secure the fence in position. Not only that, the door of the playpen comes with a safety lock on the outside as well, making it impossible for your child to get out.

Moreover, on one of the 8 panels provided, there are 5 different things for your child to play with, keeping them entertained with fun activities. And because there are 8 boards included, you can customize the shape design however you like. Not to mention, it can be conveniently set up and broken down after they finish playing, making it less space-consuming of your home.

#8. Costzon Lockable Baby Fence

#8. Costzon Lockable Baby Fence

The Costzon baby fence is 23inch high, an ideal height to prevent your child from escaping. Manufactured using HDPE material, it holds no toxic, smell, or any bad chemicals that can harm your baby’s health. Not only that, it has also been certified by ASTM, making it a definitely safe product you can trust. Its surface is also water and wear resistant as well, making cleaning less of a problem. What’s more, it is built in a strong and secure structure, with hinge connectors to maintain the shape, and anti-skid rubber foot pads on all bottoms to hold the pen stably. On the outside of the pen’s gate, there is a lock to ensure safety for your baby.

In addition, there are flowers on the center board for your baby to play with, improving their ability to grab. As for the numbers of panels, it provides 14 in total, allowing you to design the shape and sizes for your kid’s playground. It can also be assembled and disassembled easily, and once broken down, you can stack them together for a more organized storage.

#7. JOYMII 26” Tall Baby Fence

#7. JOYMII 26” Tall Baby Fence

JOYMOR baby fence has a high-density polyethylene construction. It is 26inch tall, built with commercial quality and is toxic and BPA free. It has also exceeded the EN71 standards and is certified by CPSIA. Furthermore, unlike other playpens which are easily collapsible, this one comes with non-slip rubber feet, allowing your babies to play as much as they like. And since they are made to be sturdy, your child can hold on to them and learn to stand up perfectly.

There are many toys included on the panel as well to attract your baby’s attention, so you can get some housework done. Additionally, there’s a security lock equipped outside of the pen’s door, so you can switch it on when you need to leave your baby for a minute. There are 14 panels for you to make use of, so you can customize the shape to as big as you want. They can also be set up and taken down easily with no tools required.

#6. JAXPETY Baby Gate

#6. JAXPETY Baby Gate

JAXPETY baby fence crafts from top-quality polyethylene. It stands 22inch high, making it an ideal playpen for babies who are up to 12 months of age. No matter how hard your child is pushing against the fence, it will still remain in place thanks to its suction cups design. Moreover, if you need to get the meal ready or have to clean the house, you can switch the safety lock on which locates on the outside of the gate to ensure your baby isn’t escaping.

There are 8 boards providing to make the playpen, allowing you to shape it in whatever form you may like, whether it’s square, rectangular or even bigger beyond. With its flexibility, you can increase the number of panels used as time goes on, in order to suit the size of the child. What’s more, since the pieces come in different colors, it brings a very suitable environment to the child. Not to mention, no tools will be needed to assemble the playground.

#5. Kids Club Baby Gate with Safety Lock

#5. Kids Club Baby Gate with Safety Lock

Here comes another baby fence from Kidsclub. Constructed from high-density polyethylene, this commercial product makes toxic-free with no harmful chemicals like BPA included. It also contains no smell, letting your child roam around in the pen comfortably. And just like the previous Kidsclub product, this one is also ASTM to certify. What’s more, it comes at a height of 22.8inch, giving your child no chance of climbing over. And to ensure the utmost sturdiness, there are screws that connect each board together, and suction cups underneath so the fences won’t fall onto your baby.

Added to this, the gate holds a safety lock that can switch on so you can leave your baby for a short while without having to worry about them escaping. You will provide with 16 fences, one among them is the gate and another is a game board. There are rotating flowers on the game panel to catch your child’s attention. You can assemble them in any shapes you’d like, and they can easily be disassembled.

#4. FDW Baby Fences Gate

#4. FDW Baby Gate

FDW baby fence stands at a height of 23inch. It is manufactured from toxic-free commercial HDPE material. If you are planning on setting the playpen up on your hardwood floor, there are rubberized suction cups below each board that will stick onto your floor tightly. There are 12 normal panels with one gate and another activity board. The gate comes with a safety lock on the outside for you to have it on when needed, while the activity board consists of a toy phone and a pictures house for your child to play with. These will help promote the child’s brain development.

And since there are 14 boards to use, you can arrange the playground however you like, combining them into a small square or a large octagon for an even more spacious pen, allowing you to get in and play with them. It can assemble with ease, and stack neatly for a tidy storage.

#3. Costzon 8 Panels Baby Fences Gate

#3. Costzon 8 Panels Baby Gate

This metal fence from Costzon doesn’t just work for babies’ playground, but it can function as a gate or some sort of barrier around the house as well. Built out of tubular steel with rotating joints made out of plastic, it consists of no BPA, latex or lead, making it a safe product to have in your home. You can have it operate as a playpen for your children, a gate on the stairway, or even a fireplace guard to protect your kids from approaching. And if you spread all the panels in a straight line, you’ll be getting a 204inch wide fence.

Furthermore, you can swing the door of the pen open in both directions, making it easy for you to access in and out. In addition, there are 8 panels provided, each comes at a size of 17.5” x 28”. You can increase or decrease the number of panels as you like, making shapes out of them. Not to mention, they easily assemble and disassemble as well, and when they are no longer needed, you can stack them all together for a neat storage.

#2. Costzon 8-Panel Baby Fences Gate

#2. Costzon 8-Panel Baby Gate

If you like the two previous products from Costzon, then you would certainly like this one as well. With a height of 23.5inch, this fence is crafted from high-quality polyethylene material. It consists of rubberized suction cups to keep itself stable. And for added support, each panel consists of two metal guardrails and a non-stumbling pedal on the bottom, which you can rarely find in other products. Additionally, it comes with a swinging hinged door that has a lock on the outside, preventing your baby from opening the gate and escaping. And to keep your child’s attention, there is a cartoon bear on each fence which your baby may find interest in.

And if they’re not into that, there’s even a game panel that includes a picture house, a toy phone and a rotating ball on each side. As for the provided panels, it offers 8 in overall. You can make use of all boards to create a huge pen so you can get in and play with them as well. It can be set up and broken down without the help of any tools.

#1. Bonnie Adjustable Baby Fences Playpen

#1. Bonnie Adjustable Baby Playpen

Bonnie offers you a multi-functional fence that you can use as a playpen for your baby or a barrier for certain areas at your home. The fence comes at a height of 29.3inch. It has a strong steel construction, with food grade plastic joints. Its gate opens through the button located on the top, which makes it impossible for your children to access it. What’s more, it has easy-to-use knobs which are for releasing its hinge points for adjustments. And if you want to mount the fence to your wall, there are metal brackets provided for wall attachments. Moreover, there are 5 panels provided, each is 25.39inch wide.

This one is flexible, capable of shaping into certain shapes like a circle, a square, a rectangle and so on. And when unfolded in a straight line, it extends up to 122inch in length, allowing you to use it as a barricade for unwanted entry. Not to mention, you can stack them all together after disconnecting them from one another, for a more organized storage.

Buying Guides Of Baby Fence:


When purchasing a fence for creating a playpen for your baby, you have to see if harmful materials used in the construction. After all, your baby might be sticking their tongue on those panels, or bite them even. As such, it’s crucial to make sure that the product contains no toxic chemicals or any other materials that could potentially harm your child in any way.


The second thing to look at is its sturdiness. No parents would want any harm to their child, and you certainly wouldn’t want one of those fences to collapse on your baby, would you? That is why, having a strong and sturdy fence is essential. You should purchase the one that has suction cups, feet, or any sort of standing support, as they will keep the panels stable.

Game Board

It’s difficult when you have tons of chores that are yet finished, but you have to keep an eye on your baby. So a game board would definitely be a life-saver for any parents, as they catch the baby’s attention, allowing you to get things done around the house. Not only that, but an activity panel would enhance a child’s brain development, and improve their hand coordination.


Being a parent is tough. Not only will you get more chores to do, but you also have to spend time on your baby. However, with one of these baby fences installed, you will not only be able to get more work done, but you can also enjoy playing with your baby in the wonderful playpen.

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