Top 7 Best Art Desks for Kids By Consumer Reports Of 2020

Art desks for kids are designed to enhance your kid’s growth and development. They enhance kids’ creative development. Most high-quality art desks for kids are made using high-grade solid wood construction. They are also adjustable. For that reason, they are perfect for growing kids. You can adjust the height to fit the height of your kid. Another thing, most of these desks boast a versatile construction. They are, therefore, perfect for different tasks. They can be used for doing homework or playing.

List of 7 Best Art Desks for Kids Review in 2020:

Key Features to consider when buying:

The material:

Does the material matter? Well, it does. Materials affect durability and the stability of the art desks. For that reason, only settle for the best material. Preferably, solid wood material works perfectly. However, any other material that is tough and long-lasting can work.

The design:

Check the design. Always pick compact and lightweight options. Additionally, get a design that works for your kid.


Is the unit adjustable? As your kid grows, you need an art desk that remains convenient for them. Therefore, get a brand that offers convenient adjustments.

#7 Alex Artist Studio My Art Desks for Kids

#7 Alex Artist Studio My Art Desk Kids Art Supplies

By: Alex Toys

This is an adjustable art desk for kids. The product boasts a high-quality construction. The adjustable top surface allows for angled and flat uses. Additionally, this is a sturdy and durable art desk for kids. It is made using a top-tier material. The simple design allows for easy and convenient assembling. The high-grade materials make it ideal for different tasks and uses.

Another thing, the set includes a chalkboard and a chair fitted with a convenient storage for up to four cups. What’s more, the set also consists of a paper roll equipped with cutter and other hardware. For that reason, your kid enjoys convenient services. This award-winning art desk for kids also boasts a convenient size. . It is, however, recommended for kids of three years and above.

More Features:

  • This is an affordable art desk for kids.
  • The product is durable.

#6 AmazonBasics Kids Wood Table Natural Table

#6 AmazonBasics Kids Wood Table Natural Table

By: AmazonBasics Art Desks for Kids

This is a high-quality art desk for kids. It boasts a versatile construction making it ideal for other tasks too. For instance, the product is also suitable for playing, reading, and eating. It boasts the perfect height and size for most children. And yes, the art desk is spacious enough to hold different art materials. For that reason, your kid enjoys excellent services.

The product features a sturdy and durable solid wood construction. For that reason, it delivers years of dependable services. Another thing, the product is also perfect for use in other places. For instance, you can use it in playrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and outdoors. In a jiffy, this is the perfect art desk for your kid.

More Features:

  • It is durable.
  • The stylish construction makes it perfect for different uses.

#5 Kidkraft Heart Art Desks for Kids

#5 Kidkraft Heart Table and Chair Set

By: Kidkraft Art Desks for Kids

The Kidkraft art desk for kids boasts a high-quality and durable construction, making it ideal for different uses. The product is equipped with convenient storage bins that offer perfect storage and also keep the area neat. The storage spaces reduce clutter in the area. Another thing, the great storage bins are strategically positioned such that they can be accessed from all sides.

That way, your kid doesn’t have to move around to get their art equipment. Another thing, the heart-shaped holes fitted on the tables and chairs, also offer convenient storage for some other items. For that reason, your kid enjoys more convenient services. The product is made using the high-quality wood material. For that reason, it guarantees unmatched durability. It lasts for longer than most low-quality brands. The excellent packaging with a step by step assembling guide makes the set ideal for all your needs. Therefore, getting everything ready takes less time.

More Features:

  • The solid MDF wood material makes the product perfect for different uses.
  • The product is durable and long-lasting.

#4 TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Desks for Kids

#4 TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids 

By: TOP BRIGHT Art Desks for Kids

This is an advanced art desk for your kids. The art table boasts a superior construction making it ideal for kids of different ages. It is designed to appeal to kids of different ages. And yes, the product also helps your kid develop good sitting habits. This is a versatile product that easily switches to an easel. For that reason, you can use it as an art table or an easel. With the desk, your kids can choose either to sit or stand when drawing. For that reason, this is a suitable product. The double side painting makes the product also perfect for different users. It allows for convenient displaying of different ideas.

And yes, the double-sided construction makes it ideal for various creative ideas. It has one side for chalk use, and the other is a whiteboard for mark pen and others. For that reason, your kid can use different techniques with this art desk. The art desk also boasts an adjustable height. For that reason, the product is ideal for kids of different ages. It easily adjusts from 40.5 inches to 45.5 inches. Of course, the easel adjusts conveniently to suit your kid’s age and size. Therefore, this is a perfect art desk for every kid. It is ideal for kindergartens and elementary schools. The product is also made using a safe material. For that reason, it is safe for kids. The high-quality solid wood material makes it perfect for your kids.

More Features:

  • The high-quality and safe material makes it perfect for all kids.
  • It is stylish.

#3 Step2 Build And Store Block And Activity Table

#3 Step2 Build And Store Block And Activity Table

By: Step2 Art Desks for Kids

This is a large art desk for kids. It boasts an ample working space making it ideal for different tasks. Additionally, ample space creates enough working space for your kids. It is, therefore, suitable for various creative tasks. Another thing, the product offers enough working space for building blocks and other creative activities. It features up to four cups and additional two removable trays for easy organization of small pieces. For that reason, your home remains organized. Again, the set also trains your kid to stay organized.

The molded-in area for storage helps with the convenient keeping of different items and also offers quick access. The product provides enough space to hold two 10.5 x 15 inches blocks. And it is also perfect for base plates and other art materials. The set also includes bins, which are included in for extra storage. This is also an ideal product for homework and other activities. You can also use the art desk to play games. Its natural wood construction makes it suitable for the kids. Additionally, the product boasts a stylish design that spices up the appearance of your kid’s rooms.

More Features:

  • The heart cutout makes it excellent.
  • This is a durable art desk for kids.

#1 Delta Art Desks for Kids

#1 Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station Drawing

By: Delta Children Art Desks for Kid

This is a high-quality art desk for kids. It features advanced construction for effective and excellent services. The product is recommended for kids above three years. And yes, the three in one design makes it versatile and perfect for different tasks. For instance, you can use it for toys and also working with art items. It also boasts an adjustable construction making it ideal for kids of different ages.

The product also offers easy retracting for convenient uses. The retracted design provides a comfortable space for your kid to work on. This is a complete set that includes different items. For instance, the set consists of a magnetic dry erasable board, a stool, and a large removable toy bin. It also comes with a toy organizer. Therefore, this is a perfect product for kids of different sizes. The assembled dimensions make this desk ideal for use in your kids’ room. It measures 20 Inches W x 19.5 Inches D x 34.5 Inches H., And yes, the product also comes with a stool that holds up to 50 pounds.

More Features:

  • The product meets all safety standards.
  • It offers easy assembling.

Final Thoughts!

Art desks for kids come in different designs and shapes. They also boast of different colors. However, most high-quality art desks are designed to appeal to the kids. They boast a sturdy construction. These adjustable art desks are perfect for all kids. And yes, they also boast a unique design for convenient services. Most of these art desks also feature a compact construction to save space. They are perfect for your kids’ rooms. And yes, the design also spices up your kids’ room.

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